In order to keep up with advances in features and security the software used to power the Dock FC website has been changed. This should make news stories easier for Chris to add and update, as well as adding more features to further improve the site. Although the core design hasn’t change there has been a few adjustments to page structure, among those changes are a wider page layout so that Chris has more width for posting slightly larger match photos. There’s also a live scores system powered by Twitter which will allow Chris to make updates via SMS text messages, a vastly superior comment system, improved spam protection and quite a few other improvements over the old software.

One adverse result of the changes is that some of the old posts that were imported will appear messy or broken due to the HTML code used within them. I’ll be fixing these manually, which will take some time due to the large number of posts in the database – but they will all be done eventually. So until then if any of the articles look a little odd that’s why. However, if anything other than the old content looks broken please point out where by commenting on this post and I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.