Gary ReayDock advanced into the next round of the Cheshire Cup with a 3.0 victory over Wirral Sunday League outfit Euro Wirral. It’s difficult to put a full match report up as I missed the first half due to other footballing matters and took over from Mick the Physio in the second. Mick had to go on a First Aid refreshment course to enable him to apply plasters to people and we wish him good luck with the course and exam.

What I’m not having……. is that Ponce!…….Reayman …….claiming a hat trick !!!!!!! Gary Reay is claiming Hammonds corner !!! The boy has no shame! There is no way Reayman is going to let a left back beat him in the leading goalscorer award ,so much so, that he is claiming anything in desperation. He’s won this award for something like eleven years on the bounce and is under a bit of pressure this year to retain the prestigious ‘Golden Hi -Heel.’ I would like to see Hammo in the centre forward role and Reayman in the left back berth for a couple of games and see the stats then !!!! I’ve been told, that when Jamie Kenyon started the season, all gun’s blazin’and with a couple of goals, Reayman wrote to the League to say Kenyon wasn’t signed on and he should be expelled from football and all his goals chalked off !

The action I did witness was solid and controlled and we deserved to be in the hat for the next round. The actual hat that the draw was made from, was Brunty’s. The one he wore on Ladies day at Chester Races 2007, a Pink Boater. He was there as part of the prize for winning ‘Claughton Village Beefcake 2007’. Anyway, we drew Macclesfield opponents in Pack Horse, who defeated The Towers 2.1 in the previous round. Woody gets his wish for an away day for a bit of camaraderie and male bonding !

Back to the action and Ian Brunt was Man of the match. No, seriously….. he was. What about the thunderbolt of a strike he unleashed from distance in the second half ? What about the tackles he put in ? What about the headers he won and the ‘’ eassssssssss’s’’ we heard? And what about breaking the Hundred Metres World Record when ReayMan started peeling off the Captains Armband as he was about to be substituted ?( deservedly. ) Mind you…. I think the Armband suited him and could be a permanent feature. We all know McGraa can be bribed and I predict Brunty will be the Skipper in the New Year. Brunty was interviewed after the match and here are the written extracts :

Reporter : ‘’ Ian, Ian, a quick word for Radio Five Live ?’’
Brunty : ‘’ F#*k off !
Reporter : ‘’ What’s up Ian ? you’re usually o.k for a few words. What’s bothering you?
Brunty : Mick Saunders has nicked my Vidal Sassoon conditioner !
Reporter : Well can’t you use someone else’s ?
Brunty : Someone else’s ?…… Someone F##kin’ else’s ? I’ve just had Hi-lights put in ! It’s got to be Vidal’s. I’m on The Graham Norton Show tonight !

Man of the Match :
Ian Brunt. ( A mention must also go to the Squad for a Team performance)

Report: Mike Stephens

Dock have been drawn away against Macclesfield Premier Division Champions, Pack Horse, in the next round of the Cheshire Sunday Cup. Pack Horse have won the last six Macclesfield Sunday League Premier Division titles, so it should be an interesting game.