Over the last few weeks Mike Stephens’ has conducted a series of one-to-one interviews with the legend that is Ian Brunt. In them we reveal a fascinating insight into the mind of a superstar, what makes him tick? what drives him on ? At times these meetings often ended in violence and more than once the Police were called. On conclusion of these interviews we were forced to sign a confidentiality clause by Brunts lawyers. This I do not recognise and here are those interviews in full.Brunty Pete

M.S.- Ian….thank you for this opportunity and your time. I realise that you have many commitments and time is a premium.

I.B.- Whateva.

M.S.- Excuse me ?

I.B.- You heard….Get on with it.

M.S.- Charming….Right then….Ian, your position as a global superstar is undoubted but can I ask you with what team did your journey to superstardom start with?

I.B.– Pacific. Next.

M.S.- I’d like to stay with the Pacific if I may ?

I.B.– Move on.

M.S.– No..I’m conducting this interview and…….

I.B.– Listen mate, I’m not in the mood for your poncy interview and if you fancy it…let’s have it !

M.S.- Are you threatening me ?

I.B.- Yeah, got it in one !

At this point Louis Spence (Brunty’s P.A.) called a halt to the interview. Louis explained that Brunty was under enormous pressure carrying The Dock F.C. They both left the room and returned five minutes later.

I.B.- Sorry about that…let’s start again.

M.S.- No problem….The Pacific…You played for them against The Dock at Newton in a cup tie in your younger days.

I.B.- That’s right…..I played in midfield against you.

M.S.- Correct…and you didn’t get a sniff.

I.B.- Behave!

M.S.- Yes and you asked me for my shirt after the game didn’t you ?

I.B.- Yes.

M.S.- Moving on….You signed for The Dock and immediately steered the club to the League championship as part of a treble trophy winning season….Did you know by then that you where a superstar in the making ?

I.B. – Well….Yeah…I did. The hair was coming on and taking shape then and my repertoire of overhead kicks and outside of the boot passes were growing game by game.

M.S. – And the designer stubble……?

I.B. – You’re taking the piss now…..Louis, Louis….. Get this dickhead out of here !

Louis approaches me and punches me full on in the face. Brunt then joins in putting the boot in and laughing whilst he does it. As I stagger to my feet Louis boots me right in the b@ll@cks and then ‘high fives’ Brunt. They both leave the room obviously pleased at what they had both done.

The interview is over as I ponder my next move….Do I get revenge or do I just let it go to get the big interview with one of the world’s greatest players?

Part 2 of The Brunty Interviews next month. How I get Binksy in as my minder. Louis chats Binksy up and Brunty wins the Ballon d’Or