Lee HammondHi… I’m Lee Hammond and welcome to the second of my new series of ASK ‘AMMO ? You can ask me anything you like about the game of football.

This week’s letter is from new proud Father and midfield dynamo Craig ‘Wing nut’ Johno, who writes ‘’Lee….Your great at making Lung bursting runs from the left back position. What I want to know is…….what is your supreme fitness down to and can you devise a training regime for me?’’

Well thanks for the letter ‘Wing nut’…Yes I am known for those runs and it is down to a couple of things. Firstly, those extra toes I have give me an increased advantage over my opponents who have no chance once I switch into Turbo speed.

Secondly, my joints, tendons and cartilages are all greased and oiled every Saturday night with Jaeger Bombs and bottles of Bud down The Boot!

As for the training regime, I suggest you join me and get greased and oiled up yourself. A word of warning though….this will bring unwanted attention from Gary Reay and Brunty as they are both known grease and oil lovers!