Starting this weekend 65 participants can purchase a Dock Football Club FA Cup envelope (All Dock FC Players and Committee Members are expected to purchase at least one envelope). Each envelope will cost £45.00, they can be paid for in full or by instalments throughout the season (To Gary Head or any committee member). The total amount (£45) must be paid by the Friday before the FA Cup Final in May.

The names of Dock FC and the last 64 teams in this years FA Cup will be placed in blank envelopes and sealed. Each participant is then asked to randomly pick a blank envelope; they will print their name across the seal and also sign the front as acceptance that they will pay the full cost of the envelope. All signed envelopes will then be held in a safe place until the Friday before the FA Cup final.

Prize Money Will be Paid Out as Follows:

  1. Winner £500.00
  2. Runner Up £300.00
  3. Semi Finalist £150.00
  4. Semi Finalist £150.00
  5. Quarter Finalist £75.00
  6. Quarter Finalist £75.00
  7. Quarter Finalist £75.00
  8. Quarter Finalist £75.00
  9. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  10. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  11. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  12. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  13. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  14. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  15. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  16. 5th Round Losers £45.00
  17. Dock FC £45.00

Total Paid Out £1,805.00
All monies raised go towards the running of the Dock Football Club.