No winners this week, which means the jackpot for next week’s draw will be a massive £1,575.00.

With one more week to go, the following lottery players are already in the September 5 number draw: Jason Packenham, Mike Stephens, Martyn Stevenson, Steve Duckers, Mark Jones, Michelle Jones (Bar), June (Eileen), Rene (Eileen) and Pauline T (Eileen). The September 5 number draw will take place on Sunday 1st October.

17 Sept Lottery

For players, committee members and others who have supplied fixed numbers which are entered every week (providing payments are up to date), you can check how many numbers you got this week by clicking HERE (for 30 days only).

Legally, only participants who are fully paid up when the lottery takes place can be entered in the draw, no pay no play. Payments can be made in the Joey’s club of a Sunday afternoon, or to any committee member anytime or by direct debit / standing order. One player has this week taken up the option of paying by Standing Order, which means if he does get the six numbers he does not run the risk of not being paid out because he is behind on payments.

The January 5 number £25.00 winner was Will Bulpin
The February 5 number £25.00 winner was Jeff Sheeran
The March 5 number £25.00 winner was Greg Drummond
The April 5 number £25.00 winner was Tom ‘Wingy’ Wingfield
The May 5 number £25.00 winner was Phil Billing
The June 5 number £25.00 winner was Ian McGraa
The July 5 number £25.00 winner was AKNNEL (Eileen Stading)
The August 5 number £25.00 winner was Carl Clampitt