Date: 23-02-2020
Numbers: 6-7-9-10-12-15 (1 to 16 used)
Prize money: £1,900.00
Winner: Rollover
Next week prize money: £1,925.00
5 Number tickets: 5 – Mark Jones, Paul Byrne, Shaun Byrne, Steve Owen (1), Steve Owen (2)
Last month’s 5 number winner: Barb Williams

11 players will be entered in the £25.00 month end draw.
1. Pauline
2. Wingy
3. Shaun Byrne
4. Dave Forbes
5. Steve Owen
6. Marge
7. Mark Jones
8. Paul Byrne
9. Shaun Byrne
10. Steve Owen
11. Steve Owen

Legally, only participants who are fully paid up when the lottery takes place can be entered in the draw, no pay no play. Payments can be made in the Joey’s club of a Sunday afternoon, to any committee member anytime, or by direct debit / standing order.

For players, committee members and others who have supplied fixed numbers which are entered every week (providing payments are up to date), you can check how many numbers you got this week by clicking HERE (for 30 days only).