DonoA disappointing exit from the Cheshire Cup on a day that started and ended well but the bit in between left you feeling flat and deflated!

A good early start at 8.15 a.m was nearly ruined as Brunty turned up in hot pants and vest only for Manager McGraa to send him home to change into a regulation tracksuit!

After picking up Uni fee’s riot student, Matty Carlin on the way, the team arrived in plenty of time for the game in leafy Bollington. As the lad’s stretched their legs with a walk around the park the committee did their stuff with the kit and team sheet e.t.c. Cheshire Officials were greeted like old friends, opposing committee members chatted to visiting supporters as the cool autumnal/winter chill filled the fresh Sunday morning air.

Dock started well and had some joy down the right flank getting in on two occasions with the same ball in behind the left back, only for the keeper to rescue his defence. After 8 minutes, the same ball again put Kenyon in the clear and, as he raced on to the pass, the keeper took him out on the edge of the area for a penalty. Some called for a red card but in my opinion a yellow was correct as Kenyon was in a wide position and heading more towards the corner flag than towards goal. Hammond stepped up and expertly tucked the ball home to the keepers left….1.0…looking good!

The opening exchanges showed that this was going to be tough but on 20 minutes’ The Goose’ won a big one-on-one with their big centre forward ‘’Get in there Goose Lad!’’ 2 minutes later a good exchange of passes involving Kenyon and Reay put Dures in with a chance, only for the keeper to tip over the bar for a corner. This resulted in a series of three corners on the bounce from Hammond, with the last one nearly resulting in a goal only for Brunt to miss his header by heading fresh air! How could he miss the ball with his bonce?

26 minutes had elapsed when young Byrne was cautioned for shouting ‘’he’s missed it’’ This resulted in a direct free kick being awarded that eventually crashed into the wall.

The Goose pulled of a great save on 28 minutes when he pushed a cannonball shot onto his bar to preserve the lead but the Pack Horse were more of a threat now and 2 minutes later they scored.

After a tangled with Pack Horse’s centre forward on the edge of the area a free kick was awarded by the referee. From my angle, the free kick was harsh, others may disagree but a free kick it was. As the ball was tossed into the area, a flicked on header was good enough to see it nestle into the corner of the net to make it 1.1.

40 minutes had gone when a Pack Horse free kick was well defended and danger was averted when the ball was some how headed off the line for a corner. The pressure told 3 minutes before the half when Pack Horse grabbed their second .The Goose saved well from the initial shot only for the forward to slide home the rebound.

As the whistle blew the Referee could not decide whether the teams should stay out or take a bit of a trek to the dressing rooms . His first choice was to ‘’stay out because it’s the competition rules and it’s only 5 minutes’’ Then as the Pack Horse started the walk to the dressing rooms he followed them?

Paul Davis Jnr. forced me to the local pub to take refreshment and then wished he hadn’t as he was charged £6.30 for two pints of larger. I missed the first ten minutes of the second half but on 60 minutes a neat header put Sean Holmes in but his cross shot came to nothing. Gary Reay was put in but his lob bounced past the post and the signs were encouraging as a double substitution was made with Dures and S.Holmes off with Saunders and Head coming on.

With half an hour remaining the referee awarded a penalty when the Pack Horse forward tripped over his own feet. The penalty was dispatched and it was 1.3.

A minute after the restart, Saunders hit the bar with a header from a superb cross only to see the Linesman with his flag raised for offside.

It was all out attack now from the Dock with Kenyon having a shot clawed away by the keeper and gathering it at the second attempt before a Docker could pounce.

On the80th minute mark Dock scored when Hammond belted in a stunning free kick into the top right hand corner to make it 2.3.
It was all Dock now, searching for an equaliser to force extra time. Reay had a snap shot tipped over for a corner and Tony Sample was sent on up front for Matty Carlin.

Pack Horse were playing on the break now and caught out the Dock with 4 minutes remaining to slot home to make it 2.4…..Game over.

It was back to their pub after the game and they were fine hosts to us and treated us well. A game of Killer was organized and Brunty was prancing around like Elton John at one of his ‘Diamonds and Tiara’ party’s. We had to apologize to the Manageress for his behaviour and farting and she sprayed him with air freshener on his way out !

Back to the Vicky Lodge for more beer and Killer and a fine little venue it was. My memory by this time is fuzzy but I do remember being chased around the pool table by Elton himself as he was holding one of Del Boy’s cocktail’s.

Man of the Match : Hard to say as all the focus was on the referee but I would say ‘The Goose’ for some good saves with Dures and Hammond close.

Report: Mike Stephens (Expurgated version)
Photos: Chris Stading (Weather was too dark and raining)

Pack Horse v Dock

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