ASK ‘AMMO?Lee Hammond

Hi… I’m Lee Hammond and welcome to my new series of ASK ‘AMMO ? You can ask me anything you like about the game of football.

This week we kick off with a letter from Gary Reay. Reay Man asks……Hi Lee….you’re great at taking peno’s….can I ask you…what is the secret of taking a great peno like you?

Well…thanks for the letter Gaz. Being from Wallasey you should know what the secret is! All Wallasians have six fingers but it is a little known fact that certain Wallasians have six toes! I have six toes on my left peg and this gives me extra power and accuracy on my spot kicks. That extra digit gives me that little bit more in the dual between me and the keeper. By the way Gaz… if you think your getting the next peno…think again ‘cos I’m gonna win The Golden High Heel this year….. so do one Reay Man !