ThanksDock AFC and the Reay family would like to send out a big massive thank-you to everybody who supported our recent race evening at the Victoria Lodge Hotel. In total we raised £2,005.00 which will be given to Jean Reay, who, as we all know has been very ill lately and unable to work. Special thanks to all the old Dock boys, the Queens Park lads and not forgetting Speedy (there must have been some hangovers on Monday morning, me included).

We wish Jean all the best for a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see her back to her old self on the line giving our opponents some foul and abusive language (especially you boys from Queens Park)!!!

The winner of the signed Luis Suares shirt will be whoever has the time of the last goal scored during the Liverpool v Newcastle game which will be shown live on Sky Sports on 30th December (0 to 1 is the first minute, 1 to 2 is the second minute etc etc, so if the last goal is scored after 25 minutes and 30 seconds then whoever has 26 minutes wins). We will publish all names and times on this website prior to the game.

Thanks again from Dock AFC and the Reay family!!!