Lee Hammond Hi… I’m Lee Hammond and welcome to the Third of my new series of ASK ‘AMMO ? You can ask me anything you like about the game of football. This week’s letter is from Ex-Dock player Kenny ‘The Wand’ Berry and Kenny asks…..

Hi Ammo
I’m an Ex-Dock player and was wondering if you use your right foot much or is it for standing on like mine was as I’m left footed like yourself, however I’m not from Wallasey
so I don’t have that extra toe to create as much power as I would like!!!

Well Kenny, firstly let me say how good it is to hear from Ex-players such as yourself and I’m glad that you wrote in because Hon.Tres. Shaun Byrne informs me that you owe £3500 in Bonus Ball money as you never cancelled your number since last time you played for the Dock!

Putting that aside and to answer your question…… My left foot has sometimes been described as the Eighth wonder of the World….. but when my right foot has been called upon it has never let me down! I hear your nickname was ‘’The Wand’’ in tribute to your wonderful left peg, well…. they call my right peg ‘’ Norman’’ because that’s my middle name…Lee Norman Hammond.

I note that you are from the Eastham area…this is more or less the same as Wallasey and I feel an empathy with you. Please make arrangements to repay the £3500 or we will ask you to come out of retirement to play left lung back next week.

Please email your questions for “AMMO” to chris.stading@dockafc.co.uk