2005 FA Cup Envelope Winners
  Team Amount Winner
Winner Arsenal £500.00 Pauline Roberts
Runner-Up Manchester Utd £300.00 Paul Lacy
Semi Finalist Newcastle £150.00 Neil Wood
Semi Finalist Blackburn Rovers £150.00 Mike Reay
Quarter Finalist Tottenham Hotspur £75.00 Kenny Berry
Quarter Finalist Southampton £75.00 * See Below
Quarter Finalist Bolton Wanderers £75.00 Mike Skillen
Quarter Finalist Leicester City £75.00 Jeff Sheeran
5th Round Loser Fulham £40.00 Collin Skillen
5th Round Loser Nottingham Forest £40.00 Jason Packenham
5th Round Loser Everton £40.00 Five-a-Side
5th Round Loser Charlton Athletic £40.00 Steve Platt
5th Round Loser Burnley £40.00 Jean Reay
5th Round Loser Brentford £40.00 Gary Reay
5th Round Loser Chelsea £40.00 Kenny Hawkes
5th Round Loser

Sheffield United £40.00 Mike McGraa

*Two envelopes were not paid for by the persons that agreed to purchase them, one of which is a £75 winner. The unclaimed £75.00 winnings will be put towards the running of Dock FC.