001Dock_v_Rock-FerryAfter a dull first half where neither keeper had to make any significant saves, the second half suddenly came to life on the 55 minute mark when Gary Reay headed a through ball past the keeper and was able to slot the ball into an open goal (pictured below). The visitors brought the game level two minutes later when Dock’s keeper Paul Roberts was unable to hold on to a fierce shot which resulted in the ball rebounding kindly to Rock Ferry’s Danny MacNicholas, who made no mistake. Gareth McEvoy put the home side back in front with a superb shot on the hour mark (pictured below) before Gary Reay put the game beyond Rock Ferry with goals on the 78th and 84th minutes (one looked like an own goal to me but Gary has claimed it). Dock will now meet Saddle Club who are currently placed top of the first division, the game will be played next Sunday morning at Plymyards.