Venue: Gayton Park – Kick Off 11:00am

After Wednesday’s victory in Ellesmere Port, Dock moved onto their second pre-season friendly at Heswall F.C. and it was F.C. Prenton who provided the opposition.

Dock enjoyed a convincing win and as was the case on Wednesday, all the players enjoyed some sort of run out. Both teams started brightly and were evenly matched for most of the half. Ian Brunt was absolutely superb, running the midfield with ease, spraying his balls all round Gayton Park , he was easily the best player on view. Gary Reay, on the other hand, was absolutely awful. The recent speculation obviously affecting him as he stumbled around, at times appearing drunk, lost and confused. This ageing gunslinger is clearly shot and rumours of him entering into discussions with The Arm appear to be true as allegations of letters being sent directly to his house start to surface.

The second half was played out with Dock scoring at will and a host of substitutions made to enable the lads to get miles in the bank. Ian Brunt was afforded a standing ovation when he was replaced late on in the second half after being taken from behind, something he is very familiar with.

The stand out goals of the match……a sweetly struck shot from 20/25 yards from Young Tit. A superbly crafted solo effort from Mascherano and a well worked effort from The Igmeister ,who asked me to point out that it was in fact, he who netted last Wednesday against Ellesmere Port and not Mark Head.

All in all, it was a useful workout for the team and gave the new lads a chance to bed down and integrate themselves with rest of the boys. Onwards now to Cammell Lairds next Sunday and a chance to land what hopefully will be the first piece of silverware of the season .

A quick line on the referee’s performance…. Seemed to be on first name terms with most of the players. This new ref on the circuit could go far and is being fast tracked for greater glory. Handled Shaun Holmes well when Shaun introduced himself to him after 4 minutes when enquiring if he had a pea in his whistle ?

Report by Mike Stevens