Lads, we have been invited and will be playing in a five-a-side competition in Liverpool on Sunday which will be played in the memory of our own Jamie Kenyon. We need 14 players (and a ref) at £5.00 per man (£35 per team). All monies raised will go to Jamie’s fiancée Lisa and their little one who is due in August. If you are a definite to play then please let Binxy and Woody know via text message (we could also do with a referee to help out and ref a few games, so if anyone knows one please ask them).

Venue: Lucozade Powerleague, Liverpool, 2 Whittle Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, L5 2SQ

Email below from JK’s works:
It is a charity competition so please make sure every player understands this and as competitive as football can be, we don’t want any aggro on or off the pitches. Play hard, play fair but have a laugh and joke while doing so. All captains are responsible for each member of their team.

Everyone should be there no later than 9.30am. It will be 10am kick-offs. I will send a email on Thursday with the group games on (picked out of a bucket, Champions league style!). So every team will know when they are due to play and what pitch they will be on.

Each captain will collect the money from their players and hand the £35 to myself, Colin Harrison, or Roy Gilfoyle before 9.45am.

There will be football cards going around on the day for a chance to win some money. Plus a bucket for any other donations people might like to leave.

All your team should wear the same colour tops. If there is a clash of colours between two teams in the same group, then we will supply one team with bibs.

1. Each game is of one 15-minute period in the group stages and quarter-finals. 20 minutes in the semi-finals and finals.

2. You can score straight from a kick-off.
3. There are unlimited substitutions.
4. Substitutions can be made only when play has been stopped.
5. A player substituted may return to the game as a substitute himself.
6. Players may be ‘Sin Binned’* by the Referee for three minutes if necessary (which should not happen in this charity competition, please remind all your players to laugh off situations that might happen).
7. The ball must be kept below head height. If not, an indirect free-kick to the opposite team from the place where the ball was kicked shall be awarded.
8. If the ball comes off the keeper and goes high it is “goalkeeper’s ball”, unless referee shouts to carry on.
9. Goalkeepers can only bowl the ball out under arm. They must not kick it out.
10. Goalkeepers are not allowed outside their area. If a goalkeeper deliberately comes out of his area a penalty shall be awarded to the opposite side. Referee’s call on whether he thinks it’s deliberate.
11. Opposition must stand at least 1 metre away from the ball at free-kicks.
12. A player may take only 1 step to kick a penalty.
13. No slide tackles are allowed.
14. Restart after a goal from centre circle.
15. If the ball goes out of bounds, the ball is given to the opposition’s keeper.
16. No other players may enter the goalkeeper’s area:-
* If an attacker deliberately enters the area, it is the goalkeeper’s ball;
* If a defender deliberately enters the area it is a penalty.

If two teams are level on points in the group stages, then the highest placed team will be decided by goal difference. Then it will go on the team that has scored the most goals. Then it will go on head to head. In the unlikely event that two teams have exactly the same record there will be a sudden death penalty shoot-out.

In knock-out stages if the game ends in a draw after full-time, it will go straight to penalties.
All penalty shoot-outs will be 5 per team and then sudden death if required. If the scores are still level after 5 penalties each then all 7 players must take a penalty before returning to the first penalty taker.