Dock FC – Last Man Standing Rules

1. It’s simple; just pick the winner of one English Premier League match each round of fixtures (full rounds only). If your selection wins then you progress to the next week, lose or draw and you’re out.

2. Pay your £10 entry fee before Week 1 — no need to pay again.

3. The prize fund will compromise of roughly 80% of entry fees received, whatever that may be. The remaining approx. 20% of entry fees will be donated to The Dock FC to support the running costs of the club for that season. (This is subject to change)

4. You may not pick the same team to win more than once during the tournament, so you need to be tactical about who you pick and when. If the tournament progresses past 20 weeks and the remaining competitors have already picked every available team once then the process will start again.

5. All selections for the forthcoming weekend’s games must be made and received by WhatsApp in the bespoke DOCK LMS Group or to Matty Carlin direct no later than 2 hours before the first match within that specific round kicks off.

6. Once a selection is made, you will have the ability to change it via WhatsApp until the deadline. We do encourage that selections are made via Direct Message where possible, particularly in the latter rounds.

7. Should you forget to make your selection in any round or select a team you’ve already chosen before, you will automatically be assigned the first Premier League team that you have not already selected in alphabetical order. Once a team is automatically selected, you will not have the ability to change the selection.

8. In the event that any match involving a team you have selected is postponed or cancelled for any reason, you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for your selection. (Please refer to COVID-19 specific rules regarding postponements)

9. If the competition has not have reached a conclusion by the end of the current season, the Last Man Standing prize and competition will be paused and recommence during the following season with the remaining participants.

10. The game will take a break during weekends when the Premier League are affected by International fixtures, FA Cup rounds or when a full list of 10 fixtures isn’t scheduled.

11. Last Man continues until only one person remains and wins the pot. Should two or more participants remain standing and all are eliminated in the same week, the Last Man Standing prize will be rolled over to a new competition.

Rollover Rules

Existing Players who wish to be included in the new competition which will contain the Rollover prize fund must pay their £10.00 entry fee as normal.

New players are welcome to join however the cost for new Players is £20.00 due to the Rollover fund being carried forward.

COVID-19 Rules

If there are 2 or more fixtures postponed due to COVID-19, the entire round of fixtures will be null & void and selections for that round will be moved to the next set of available full fixtures and competitors will be asked to make a new selection.

If only one match is postponed prior to any of the other fixtures commencing, competitors will be asked to select a team from the remaining 9 fixtures, if time allows. Alternatively the Gameweek may be null & void, a decision on this will be taken in the event of any further postponements due to COVID-19.

Due to the amount of postponements during the 2020/21 season, we have taken the decision that whilst COVID is still prevalent to use the Premier League Fantasy Football Gameweeks schedule, meaning that there may be more that 10 fixtures during one game week and some teams may play more than once. The same rules still apply that you can only select each team once.

We would like to remind all competitors that these are very uncertain times that we are living in and COVID-19 rules and regulations are forever changing therefore we feel that the above guidelines are fair for all and nobody is gaining or losing an advantage in either scenario. The aim of this competition is for enjoyment and that’s what we hope to deliver.